Guanzhong! Nation of the Heaven

This story takes place in the middle of China. It is about 100 years before the birth of Christ, during the Western Han Dynasty. This is a very prosperous time in Chinese History. Emperor Wu is in power, and the city called Chang’an is its new capital. Chang’An is on a low flood plain and its southern sky is filled by the Qinling mountain range. The mighty Wei river flows past just to the north of the capital city, while one of the five sacred Taoist mountains, Hua Shan lies only about 100km to the east. The Silk Road has been established, and has enabled the Chinese merchants to trade with the European nations to the west. The tribal people of the north, the Xiongnu, continually raid the northern parts of the Guanzhong territory. At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, Prime Minister Zhang Liang advised then emperor Liu Bang to choose the Guanzhong Plains as the territory for the new capital. The Guanzhong Plains connect the Long Plains and the Shu Plains. It is said that many, many miles rich in harvest can be found here, as if this place belongs to the Nation of the Heaven.

Guanzhong: Nation of the Heaven

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